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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II PC CDkey

The ancient races are joining forces and preparing to fight for the highest bid. They will crush the enemies using cleverness and brute strength fueled by the lust for power and supremacy of neighboring planets. They will not deviate from once predetermined path, destiny must fulfill.
"Dawn of War II" is the sequel to worshiped by millions of players, real-time strategy. Choose an epic Space Marines campaign to save the world, or one of the four playable races in multiplayer mode and taste the cruelty of killing.
Under your command, novice warriors will turn into ruthless executioners sowing terror across the galaxy.

    Metascore: 85

    IGN rating: 9.0

    Rating: M
    Developer: Relic

    Platform: Steam CDkey

    Delivery: Instant

    Region: Global

    12.79 EUR

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