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Train Simulator 2016 PC CDkey

Another edition of one of the most popular train simulators.
The foundations of the game have remained unchanged, and the essence of fun is still an opportunity to control various types of trains on routes located in the different parts of the world. The game features a wide range of real-life rail routes and the train models are recreated in the smallest detail.
"Train Simulator 2016"  is powered by modern engine Unreal Engine 4.
On the one hand the engine change influenced positively on the visuals of the title, on the other hand it caused an incompatibility with the older DLC's.
Traditionally, the game offers a powerful editor, which can be used to create locomotives, locations or tasks.

Metascore: -

IGN rating: -

Rating: E
Developer: Dovetail Games

Platform: Steam CDkey

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Region: Global
9.49 EUR

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