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"Napoleon: Total War", takes us to the era of European wars by the end of late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. Playing as the most famous French general - Napoleon Bonaparte, the player will face the coalition forces and try to conquer all Europe.
During three feature-length campaigns, you will fight in the various lands. Italian campaign, tells about the early career of Napoleon and will carry the player through mountainous terrain of northern Italy.
The next campaign will be focused on the conquest of sun burnt Egypt, and cold Russia.
Before you many hours of great gameplay which brings together the best elements of managing the empire in turn-based campaign and of commanding the tactical battles of epic proportions.

"Napoleon: Total War Collection" includes:

  • Napoleon: Total War 
  • Napoleon: Total War - Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars
  • Napoleon: Total War - Imperial Eagle Pack
  • Napoleon: Total War - Coalition Battle Pack
  • Napoleon: Total War - The Peninsular Campaign

Metascore: 81

IGN: 8.9

Rating: T
Developer: Creative Assembly

Platform: Steam CDkey

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Region: Global

14.19 EUR

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