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The action "Mafia III" is placed in an open world of New Bordeaux in 1968 - a virtual reflection of New Orleans, vibrant and full of cars, fashion and music inspired by the era.
Years of fighting in Vietnam made Lincoln Clay sure about one thing: the family is not the people among whom we are born, but people for whom we are ready to die. After returning home, New Bordeaux, Lincoln tries to escape from his criminal past. Everything changes when his gangster family is betrayed and murdered by the Italian Mafia. Lincoln rebuilds his Family on the ruins of the old and declares open war against  the ones responsible for this crime.
To survive on violent streets of New Bordeaux, you will take part in spectacular shootouts, brutal melee fights, reckless driving around town, you will also face many difficult decisions and will have to use your cleverness. With appropriate team you can get to the top of the gangster underworld!

Metascore: 63

IGN: 7.5

Rating: M
Developer: Hangar 13

Platform: Steam CDkey

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Region: EU
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