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Dragon Age 3: Inquisition PC CDkey

Terrifying disaster pushed land of Thedas into chaos. The skies are swarming with dragons, and once peaceful kingdom is in the shadow of terror. Magicians declared open war against Templars.Nations rose against each other. Standing at the head of the Inquisition, you together with the team of legendary heroes have to restore peace and stop the perpetrators of the chaos. The battle for the truth's victory collects its bloody harvest. On the way you will gain new friends, but also you will lose some of the old ones.
This action role-playing game by BioWare will throw you in the middle of an incredible story set in a vast and changing world. Travel through hidden caves, fight with giant creatures and shape the reality of your game. Explore, command and fight, take difficult decisions, which can dramatically change the course of events.

Metascore: 85

IGN: 8.8

Rating: M
Developer: BioWare

Platform: Origin CDkey

Delivery: Instant

Region: Global
10.49 EUR

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