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The world has experienced a series of climatic disasters and humanity is on the edge of total social disintegration.
What's even worse - the aliens are back. They have only one goal: to erase mankind from the face of the planet.
New York City, a place where until recently decisions on the global economy were made, now represents a depressing picture of a downfall: aliens stalking on the streets, the population of the city is beeing decimated at an alarming rate by a raging epidemic. It is a state of general chaos, everywhere you see the destruction, ruin and ashes. Neither the armed law enforcement or military forces of the United States are able to resist the invaders.
But there is one man who has a weapon from the future, the last hope of humanity: supersoldier equipped with 2nd generation NanoSuit. Only he can face the invaders and save the humanity.

Metascore: 86

IGN: 9.0

Rating: M
Developer: Crytek

Platform: Origin CDkey

Delivery: Instant

Region: Global

4.99 EUR

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