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Completely new "Call of Duty" - this time made by studio Treyarch - the creators of "Call of Duty: World at War."
A new epic storyline, placed in a new for the series historic period - during the Cold War. Therefore, the player will find himself, among others, in Laos, Vietnam and the Soviet Union.
The player will play as member of the special forces SOG (Studies and Operations Group), who will take part in the most secret operations of that period. Our hero in this part of the "Call of Duty" has a voice and the opportunity to comment on the events happening on the screen. As a special CIA cell's soldier you can take advantage of numerous legal and illegal means, unconventional weapons. You will move on the ground, in the water and sit at the controls of the helicopter.
The game has the best known so far in "Call of Duty" series multiplayer mode, which contains the character creator, the possibility of setting game modes, perks, classes' killstreaks on unranked servers, map rotation, global rankings of players. In addition, players have the ability to eject and ban players.
In multiplayer mode, there is an option for new players. Combat training is a mode in which instead of a live opponent you fight against bot. Mode is prepared mainly for training.
Another novelty in the "Call of Duty: Black Ops" is the possibility of earning money during the mission. This option can be used to buy new things, contracts for the special challenges and placing bets.

Metascore: 81

IGN rating: 7.5

Rating: M
Developer: Treyarch

Platform: Steam CDkey

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