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It promises to be the most important entertainment event of 2013! "Battlefield 4" is setting new standards of war action game by utilizing the latest technology Frostbite 3.
"Battlefield 4" delivers experiences unheard anywhere else. In "Battlefield 4" you can destroy buildings, where your enemies are hiding, or blow up the dam to flood the whole area with water.
In "Battlefield 4" you can attack by land, sea or air. In "Battlefield 4" you have a free hand. You play your way and pick your own path to victory.
In addition to glamorous multiplayer mode, "Battlefield 4" also offers an exciting campaign with expressive characters. It all starts when the American VIPs are beeing evacuated from Shanghai.
In the light of future developments, you and your squad start looking for a way home. There is no comparable game. Jump into spectacular battle that can only be found in the "Battlefield".

Metascore: 81

IGN rating: 8.0

Rating: M 
Developer: EA DICE

Platform: Origin CDkey

Delivery: Instant

Region:  Global
8.49 EUR

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