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Anno 2205 PC CDkey

In game "Anno 2205" humanity makes the next step towards the future and a better world. You conquer the Earth, create rich, vibrant cities and industrial complexes. In order to secure the future of humanity, you must set off into space.
Scientific discoveries related to nuclear fusion are revolutionizing all aspects of life and society. Essential izotom - helium-3 is available in large quantities on the moon. Embark on this conquest and secure the necessary deposit.
The player controls a growing corporation in many places on the Earth and on the Moon. The game has been enriched with a session mode, which allows you to play on many islands, at the same time combining different regions.
"Anno 2205" is the biggest game in the series that you can enjoy forever, creating cities on islands five times bigger than in the previous games.
The new engine allows allows you to feel the scale of new cities and gives insight into the smallest details. The city comes alive thanks to the flying cars, million inhabitants, factories and nature.
Everything is animated, everything depends on the actions of the players.

Metascore: 72

IGN rating: 7.0

Rating: E10+
Developer: Blue Byte

Platform: Uplay

Delivery: Instant

Region: Global

12.99 EUR

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