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Alan Wake (Collector's Edition) PC CDkey

Only light can defeat darkness. Discover the latest work from Remedy, the masters of action games. Play as Alan Wake, a best-selling author, who has to face enemies born of darkness to uncover the truth and save the lost wife. Searching the town of Bright Falls, Wake discovers page manuscript, but he cant remember writing it. He has to fight a mysterious Spirit of Darkness, who tries to drive him crazy.
Perfectly mixing elements of action and psychological thriller, "Alan Wake" will take you on a journey to the very heart of darkness.

"Alan Wake (Collector's Edition)" includes "Alan Wake Collector's Edition Extras"

Metascore: 83

IGN rating: 9.0

Rating: T
Developer: Remedy Entertainment

Platform: Steam CDkey

Delivery: Instant

Region: Global

7.99 EUR

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